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Prop 64

Prop 64 Sale On Now!

Our Sale is on all month long with package discounts up to 40% and huge savings on nutrients and growing media. Packages start at just $99! Come in or give us a call today.

Let our experts give you the tools and guidance necessary to maximize your yields and stay within your legal limitations on prop 64. We specialize in getting huge results with a limited number of plants using state of the art technology and unrivaled growing techniques.

No matter what light system you prefer, Encinitas Hydroponics has the light package for you. LED, HID, HPS, LEC, Florescent, or Tent packages come with what you need to grow from seedling to the drying processes. In sizes that can fit in your closet to filling a garage, we are sure to have a grow tent that fits your budget and cultivation goals. We can build packages that include grow tents, grow lights, ventilation, and more to help you grow. Great for the first time hydroponic grower or the seasoned professional, Encinitas Hydroponics has what it takes to help your garden grow.

When growing indoors or using a grow tent package, it’s essential to match the natural sunlight changes throughout the seasons to initiate the different growth stages of each plant. Different temperatures surrounding a plant and the intensity of the sun are triggers for plants that allow them to release chemicals internally that will start them off into the next stage of their lifecycle.

The size if your indoor garden space or grow tent package, as well as the plants you are planning on growing will determine the type of lighting, and the strength of lighting you should use.

Prop 64 Legalizes marijuana under state law, for use by adults 21 or older. Imposes state taxes on sales and cultivation. Provides for industry licensing and establishes standards for marijuana products. Allows local regulation and taxation. Fiscal Impact: Additional tax revenues ranging from high hundreds of millions of dollars to over $1 billion annually, mostly dedicated to specific purposes. Reduced criminal justice costs of tens of millions of dollars annually.

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